Bell & Howell Tac light, Tactical Flaslight with SOS Mode

bell & howell tac lightBell & Howell Tac light, A very high powered tactical flashlight with 5 different modes including an S O S mode. I got a  bell & howell tac light for Christmas this year. I have to tell you, It makes an excellent gift. We were extremely impressed with the brightness of the LED lights and the distance it would light up.

You most definitely don’t want somebody shining it directly into your face. Trust me 🙂

I dropped it a few times just to see what would happen.

I am happy to say, that it took a beating and kept on shining.

One thing I really like about the tac light is the S O S mode. After opening the package and installing the batteries, I just started playing with it and found the strobe mode. Do Not shine this light directly into someone’s face. It is extremely bright. Ask me how I found that out 🙂

After a few seconds of complete blindness, I noticed something different about the way the light was flashing. The flashes looked familiar to me in some way, it took me a second to figure out why.

I then realized it was something I had learned when I was in the military. Three short flashes, followed by three long flashes and then three more short flashes was morse code, an S O S signal. That impressed me and after reading the instructions, I found out how I had gotten the tac light to flash that way.

Bell & Howell Tac light reviews

I notice there are several people that have purchased the bell & howell tac light and are not very happy with it.

You can read all of the reviews and make an informed decision by following this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

There are a ton of other flashlights available. Some are better and cost less, Go take a look and make your own decision.

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