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Best Bluetooth Headset for the gym, running, or the morning commute.


Best Bluetooth Headset
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 Take communicating with friends and Co-workers to the next level with the Best Bluetooth Headset.

Phone conversations are remarkably clear and interference free.

Earbuds are light weight and perfect for exercising at the gym or running down trails and bike paths.

The Best Bluetooth Headset is compatible with a really wide variety of devices, including the Iphone, Ipad, Tablets, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG , Motorola and almost all Other smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and Bluetooth adapters.

Why people are calling these The Best Bluetooth Headset

Jesus Moreta, had this to say on Oct. 5th , 2016

“I genuinely like these earbuds, I actually purchased around 7 below $50 bucks Bluetooth earbuds to compare them with $70 to $100 earbuds and as far as I can say, you don’t really need to pay more than 20 bucks to get a great experience with Bluetooth earbuds, these are surprisingly good, sound is clear, base is well balanced and the most important feature of all, these won’t fall off your ears wich is mostly the first thing I look for when I buy these kind of earbuds, these are not the greatest I’ve tried among the price range I just mentioned, but these are worth the shot, sound is really enjoyable plus when you are jogging you don’t really pay much attention to all the details of sound quality, at least I don’t, mostly the one thing I like to hear while doing any kind of excercise is a well balanced base, I hate when it’s all over the place and don’t let you enjoy the song, but something I hate even more is no base at all, as for these, it gave me a good experience, one thing I forgot to mention which is really important is that pairing these with the phone is not hard, It automatically switched into pairing mode as soon as I turned these on, pretty good for the price.” This came straight from the top review page at amazon, you can read all of them here. Just scroll to the reviews at the bottom of the page.

Harry Miller had this to say on 10/25/2016

“These headphones are AWESOME!!!”

These headphones are AWESOME!!! We own a couple of name brand headphones and I can honestly say that these are as good. When I opened the shipping box, I found a black box containing my new Canbor Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Earbuds Lightweight Neckband Sport IPX5 Sweat proof Headset with Mic. The headphones were nicely packed with replaceable earbuds, charging cable, and a manual. Like other wireless headphones we own, I charged this one for an hour. Then I paired it with my my Samsung 7s edge. It paired with my phone in less than a minute, and I was listening to my favorite music using the Pandora app at no time. It produced high fidelity sound that was crisp and clear (Love it). When I tried it on, I didn’t have any issue fitting the headphones and earbuds on my ear, they were ergonomically designed to be flexible yet firm ear hooks with gel flex silicone earbuds to ensure they stay comfortably firm in place. I already used them during my weekly runs and I didn’t even notice they were on my ear because they were very light. They never came off my ear and the sound was perfect.