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Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System

Garmin Nuvi 57LM

Garmin Nuvi 57LM will replace any of your older GPS navigation systems in a snap. This unit will more than surpass your expectations. The Nuvi 57lm has the ability to alert you of accidents and traffic jams that are 20 miles out.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System. 

Amazon’s number 1 best seller in vehicle GPS units.

965 positive customer reviews. When that many people actually feel strongly enough to leave positive feedback about a product, It must be a good one.

Choose between a 5-inch screen or a 6-inch screen, pick the one that best suits you. Thousands of new and popular restaurants can be searched for with the Foursquare data capability.

Real directions in real time just like being guided by a friend using street intersections, traffic lights, and landmarks.

garmin nuvi 57 reviews

Read several great reviews of this GPS navigation system. This review was taken directly from the reviews page at Amazon.

John10guns had this to say on March 11th, 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsA Nice Replacement for my 65LM

I just received the 67LM as my wife liked my 65LM so much, I gave it to her.
I received the unit with a dead Battery but the Unit Charged right up and it’s holding the Charge. It took about 15 Minutes to update the Software and Maps ( as opposed to the 65LM which took about a Hour and a Half ).

I put the 67LM on a 200 mile test run and this is what I found.
Satellite Acquisition is fast, under 10 Seconds, Route Calculations/ Recalculations is fast.

So far, the Maps are pretty accurate and most of the “Up Ahead”/ Foursquare features. The Turn by Turn/ Garmin Real Directions are bang on as is the Lane assist and Junction View.

The Destinations were spot on but a couple of the routings were not what I would have picked, but I had three options, Fast, Shortest or my way and the Unit would just recalculate.

If I didn’t know the area, the Unit would have got me there anyway. The 67 did not show one road and that was a Major Limited Access Bypass around Goldsboro NC but it’s only partially open and is slated for completion by Memorial Day 2016.
I like that you can set waypoints/stopping points and Navigate to them on the fly.
I didn’t have any problems with glare (except when the Sun reflected directly into your eyes and just a minor adjustment will remove the glare) or wearing Polarized Sun Glasses.
You can set the right side of the screen to show Count Down Miles and Count Down Time to Destination and Compass Direction when using Trip Data.

The Unit was easy to set up and the Menus were easy to navigate. The 67LM pretty much mirrors the 65LM but I needed the Direct Access and I needed the detail at the Airports as I fly a lot to different Airports to work on Company Aircraft.

If you would like to learn more about GPS navigation systems please follow this link to Hunters Pulse

Best Led Headlights, Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs

Best Led HeadlightsThe Best Led Headlights on the planet can be installed in less than 30 minutes, right out of the box. They will also have the High beam and the Low beam all in one unit. Some Headlight conversion kits can be a serious pain depending on the vehicle they are being installed in. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that the Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs are the bulbs Most likely to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Best Led Headlights, Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs

After reading approximately 150 reviews of Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs, I found that I had just scratched the surface. Over 3000 people have purchased lighting conversion kits for their cars and trucks. All reviews, both positive and negative can be found here .

True Plug-N-Play
Sized to perfectly fit your stock headlights and plug directly into your OEM sockets. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with any vehicle’s computer system without error.

Things to keep in mind


I try to provide as much information as possible so You can make an informed decision before making any kind of purchase. That being said, you have to keep in mind that You cannot make everybody happy. That is why you need to read as many reviews as possible of any product you are considering. Many of the links on this page will take you directly to the product page where you can scroll and find all the info. you need.

Questions about Headlight conversion kits

When you click on the links to the Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs, you will be taken directly to that specific product page. Once there, you can find several questions that people have asked and answered about the headlights.

Opt7 Led Headlight Bulbs Reviews

This is just one of the positive reviews I found. It’s taken directly from the review page.

J splint had this to say on Sept. 3rd of 2015

I’ve used HID conversion kits in the past and liked the color but they just didn’t cast enough light and they flicker too much. These on the other hand are whiter and brighter and the blow away the original halogens on high and low beam.

I haven’t noticed any flicker since installing these 2 weeks ago, if I do I will update the review. Installed in about 15 minutes per side on my 2010 F150. The ballasts are super small compared to the old clunky HID ones and installation is idiot proof.

The directions are simple and they are pretty much plug and play. I would recommend ordering the foglights as well to complete the look. They were even easier to install (1-2 minutes each). I have 2 co-workers that have ordered these after they saw how nice they made my truck look. The first pic is when I was half done and shows the difference between OEM halogens and the new LEDs, the second is the finished product. Highly recommend!!


Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

PAWBO WI-FI PET CAMERAPawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, an Interactive pet cam with built in treat dispenser and Lazer Toy. Now you can keep a watchful and playful eye on your best friend while you are out and about.

Interactive Pet Cameras   

Interactive pet cams are capable of two-way communication and make it easy to connect with your pets or your family from anywhere while you are away.

Simple and Stylish

The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera has a sleek and simple stylish appearance. The pet cam provides excellent quality photos and video that can be added directly to Dropbox or your camera roll.

Alternatively, You can also use the interactive laser toy to engage your pet and also reward him or her with a treat with just a tap of a button.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera features

A superb pet cam that allows you to post pictures directly to your social accts. like Facebook and Twitter.

However, the treat dispenser is a little smaller than most people would like, it still rewards your pet with the touch of a button. You have to use smaller treats with the Pawbo wi-fi pet cam, but this can be a blessing in disguise that helps keep your pet interested and a little healthier at the same time.

What People are saying about the pet cam

I looked at almost all of the reviews that people left for this product. There are over 120 reviews and almost all of them are positive. There are always a few people that just can’t be made happy and that are always looking to find fault.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera reviews

As I said earlier, over 120 different people felt compelled to leave feed back. You can read all of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Cam reviews here

Over 60 people asked different questions and received an answer from people who had purchased this pet cam.

AKASO EK7000, 4k Sports Action Camera Ultra HD

Akaso Ek7000 Action CamAkaso Ek7000
4K WIFI Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder.

A small camera that is Really big on quality, high-resolution stills and videos. This little HD camera is one of the very best sellers at Amazon. The Akaso Ek7000 is ranked number 1 in Underwater photography cameras.

An amazing little sports  / action camera that produces sharp resolution no matter if you are taking still photo’s or capturing underwater videos.        

Over 1,500 people thought enough of the Akaso Ek 7000 to take the time and write in and leave a review of this little gem.

High Rez in Extreme Environments

You can capture and share your masterpieces with your family and friends at 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.

It is designed to withstand some extreme environments and will stay waterproof to a depth of 100 feet or approx. 30 meters.

The high resolution and the high frame rate 4K 25fps and 2.7K 30fps video will deliver incredibly smooth video.

Akaso Ek7000 Positive Reviews

As I said earlier, over 1,500 people though enough to leave a review of the Akaso Ek7000 . You can read them here.

This is just one example of the types of reviews that people wrote. This is what MJA had to say on Jan. 5th 2017 

“If you’re a fellow stupid American, read this.

I’d say the camera itself get 3.5/5, but the insanely low cost gets it bonus points. There are some great things this camera can do and, considering it’s the exact size of a GoPro, you can use a slew of attachments without having to worry about where they’re coming from. People have talked about the positives here so I wanted to point out a few common-sense problems that don’t have easily accessed solutions on Google.

1. This camera won’t take videos longer than 10 minutes without rewriting the code it uses.

For the average user, this means that any video you want to take will be ‘split’ every ten minutes and you’ll need to use some simple computer editors to stitch them together to have a movie-length video.

You do not need to restart the video every ten minutes,  you can just press ‘record’ once and it’ll shoot continuously for as long as your battery/memory cards allow, but the videos will be in 1.72GB 10 minutes files when you upload them on your computer. While I’d like the option to turn this off, this is way less of a problem than I originally thought it would be. Considering your battery and memory card won’t let you record for much longer than 70ish minutes at 1080/60 anyway, this nicely packages your videos to use later. Plus, it has the added bonus of saving your videos every ten minutes – if you were shooting a continuous video and your battery died, you risk losing the entire video if the camera didn’t have a feature built in to prevent this.”

As I said before this is just a taste of the types of information people have talked about after purchasing this little gem of a Camera. Read All Reviews Here

Drones for Kids, Best Drones for Kids, Find the Best drones

Best Drones for kids

Best Drones for Kids
Take Me To Amazon so I can check this out

Drones for Kids are not always just for kids anymore. Thousands of adults still have a fun loving adolescent kid hiding deep inside of them. With the new Hi-Tech. Gadgets that we have at our fingertips these days, It’s no wonder that kid gets out occasionally. At present, the Best Drones all come with a High Definition Camera mounted to them so the pilot can actually see where the aircraft is going just like he was sitting in the cockpit at the controls. This particular Gadget comes R T F, which means Ready To Fly straight out of the box. Simply charge the battery for a short while and You are ready to start flying. Performing 360 degree flips left, right, backwards and forward will become like second nature after just a few flights.

available here
A second battery pack will double your flying time. Typically, the flying time per charge is approximately 6 to 10 minutes. The second battery pack can be installed in a snap, so you can get back in the air quickly.

Best Drones for Kids Reviews

Several helpful and positive reviews are available here, just scroll to the bottom of the page. The following is just one of them. This was taken directly from the top reviews of the above quad-copter.

Four Stars and A TON of fun and easy to fly
By Jill Fuhrman on May 16, 2016

This is my first drone and wow what a fun new high-tech toy. We have been playing and honing our skills with it since the day it arrived. It’s much easier to fly than we had anticipated It’s fast, responsive and nothing but pure fun to play with. The video quality is excellent.

That’s one thing I wondered about looking at how small the camera was when I first took it out of the box but I was impressed. I honestly can’t say anything negative about my experience with it so far. It’s lightweight, sturdy and suggested for ages 14 and up. I’m pushing 50 and had a ton of fun with it.

After reading through the user manual, charging the batteries, downloading the phone app, setting up the drone and phone controls we took it outside for a test run. There is detailed instructions in the user manual for beginners to use Headless Mode and One Button Return until you get used to flying.

I would suggest having a good sized area with some lawn for soft landings until you figure out the controls and have honed your flying skills. There were a few not so soft landings before we got it dialed in with no damage to the quadcopter. That tells me it’s a sturdy drone and can take some punishment. The anti-crash protection prevents damage to any of the components. One battery will give about 10 minutes of flying time give or take a couple minutes. There is an extra battery so be sure to keep it charged so you can just switch them out. It will take just under an hour to fully charge one battery. There is a low battery alarm that will alert you when the battery is low and needs to be charged.

The quadcopter can be operated with just the remote or with the remote and your phone. It has LED lights that look really neat flying at night. Each time the quadcopter is used it has to be paired to the remote. That is done by switching on the drone, then the remote, pushing the left toggle control all the way up, then all the way down, at which time you will hear a series of beeps letting you know it has paired to the remote and you’re ready to fly.


SwagTron Electric Self Balancing Scooter

SwagTron Electric Self Balancing Scooter

SwagTron Electric Self Balancing Scooter

A SwagTron Electric Self Balancing Scooter is easy to learn how to use. 8 and 10 year old boys and girls will pick this up in just a matter of minutes. Kids will be zipping around at speeds up to eight mph. The hoverboard can carry as much as 220  pounds and has a range of approximately eleven miles.

This Hoverboard is one pretty cool gadget that is selling like Hotcakes. Kids are loving this hi-tech version of an old skateboard.

A very good friend of mine bought his grandson one of these self-balancing scooters and he zips around the house like he was born on it. The SwagTron Electric Self Balancing Scooter has been made safer by using a new Battery Management System that protects against overheating and over charging and will not burst into flames on you. SwagTron hoverboards also incorporate a hard shell design that can support up to 220 lbs.

What does (UL certified) mean?

UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across three strategic businesses: Commercial and Industrial, Consumer and UL Ventures. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust, enabling us to help provide peace of mind to all.

UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service companies, and consumers. You can read more here

What are people saying about these Hoverboards?

Paul Y. said on June 18 , 2016

Family friendly Hover board, 5 star recommend

SwagTron T1 at first are challenging when you have no experience but with little practice with in a week you will get used to it, it is fun!! I recommend you to buy this not only for kids but for yourself, Because when your kids are biking you won’t have to run to chase the bike and get your feet sore. This gift was for my sons and turn out to become a family vehicle. If you are on a hill then you can speed up quick. These hover boards can take you any where on hills, bumpy roads, blacktops, and concrete.

read more reviews here and get your questions answered.

HurriK9 Dog Fetch Toy 100+Feet Ring Launcher Toy

HurriK9HurriK9 Dog Fetch Toy.

Your best friend will sleep like a log after a few rounds of Fetching and playing catch.

With the HurriK9 ring launcher, You can exercise your dog in a matter of minutes. These aerodynamic rings can fly over 100 feet. Dogs absolutely love chasing the durable rings and when they catch them in their mouths they don’t get hurt.

HurriK9 Ring Types

Two types of flying rings are available for the Hurrik9 fetch toy.

Both types of rings are made of a durable and Lightweight, long lasting EVA Foam. The Classic rings are a little lighter and designed for smaller dogs that are not aggressive toy chewers. Classic rings will fly over 100 feet with ease.

The second type of ring is called the Extra Tough Rings

These are a little bit heavier and will typically fly 65 feet or more. However, the Extra Tough Rings are sewn with a tough spandex cover to make them 3x stronger than the classic rings.

Maximize Flight distance

If longer flight distance is a real concern, choose the Classic type rings first.

You can always order more rings. If you are finding that your dog is chewing thru the classic rings too fast, then order the Extra Tough Rings.

Extra Tough rings are designed to last much longer but cut down on the flight distance a bit.

Either way, Your dog is going to be a very Happy Canine.

Rings are Not meant to be Chew Toys

Note: These flying rings were not designed to be left out where the dog can just lay around and chew on them. They are tough, but some dogs will chew through Footballs and Basketballs if they are given the opportunity.

Even some smaller dogs have extremely powerful bites and can chew through some of the toughest chew toys in a matter of hours.

Therefore, we have to recommend that you put the rings away or out of the dogs reach when not being used.

Your dogs will absolutely love the Hurrik9 ring launcher. 95 percent of the dogs that the toy was tested on Loved it. Check them out here. Read all the reviews and all of the questions that were asked and answered



Bell & Howell Tac light, Tactical Flaslight with SOS Mode

bell & howell tac lightBell & Howell Tac light, A very high powered tactical flashlight with 5 different modes including an S O S mode. I got a  bell & howell tac light for Christmas this year. I have to tell you, It makes an excellent gift. We were extremely impressed with the brightness of the LED lights and the distance it would light up.

You most definitely don’t want somebody shining it directly into your face. Trust me 🙂

I dropped it a few times just to see what would happen.

I am happy to say, that it took a beating and kept on shining.

One thing I really like about the tac light is the S O S mode. After opening the package and installing the batteries, I just started playing with it and found the strobe mode. Do Not shine this light directly into someone’s face. It is extremely bright. Ask me how I found that out 🙂

After a few seconds of complete blindness, I noticed something different about the way the light was flashing. The flashes looked familiar to me in some way, it took me a second to figure out why.

I then realized it was something I had learned when I was in the military. Three short flashes, followed by three long flashes and then three more short flashes was morse code, an S O S signal. That impressed me and after reading the instructions, I found out how I had gotten the tac light to flash that way.

Bell & Howell Tac light reviews

I notice there are several people that have purchased the bell & howell tac light and are not very happy with it.

You can read all of the reviews and make an informed decision by following this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

There are a ton of other flashlights available. Some are better and cost less, Go take a look and make your own decision.

Check them out here



flashforge 3d printer creator pro. 3D Printer for home or office

flashforge 3d printer creator pro
For pricing and shipping details Go Here

The Flashforge 3d printer creator pro.  A multifunctional 3d desktop printer for your home or office, with a sturdy metal frame. The metal frame is far more stable than the original wood frames that used to be used.

A full manufacturer warranty and lifetime support from qualified technicians. Works great right out of the box and has outstanding customer support.

Flashforge 3d printer creator pro

Easy to use and a cost effective way to bring your ideas from the thought process to reality.

With over 690 positive customer reviews, the Flashforge 3d printer creator pro. has become a very popular Hi-Tech Gadget.

This is just one of several customer reviews.

Daniel R. had this to say on Dec. 11th 2016

Great Printer

I’ve had this printer for one week now and I really like it. I’ve used it every day to print several models and have had no problems whatsoever. The print quality is great. Sometimes the first print doesn’t stick so well but subsequent prints seem to stick much better.
The printer shipped with an old version of ReplicatorG on the SD card. It would run through the motions but would not extrude material. I emailed their support and we were able to identify the issue the next day (on a Sunday). I downloaded the latest version from and was up and running.

I was not very satisfied with the ReplicatorG software because I had no control over the support structure. I could turn it on or off but couldn’t control placement. I also couldn’t figure out how to use it to print parts using both extruders. I spent an extra $150 to purchase Simplify3D and it has made printing so much easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend this software and this printer.

This review was taken directly from a verified purchaser of the Flash Forge 3d printer. You can read all of the reviews by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page where all of the reviews are. I sincerely hope this page was helpful.



udi 818a hd+ rc quadcopter drone with hd camera

udi 818a RC Quadcopter Drone
udi 818a hd+ RC quadcopter drone with HD camera
Super Fun and Easy To Fly Click Here to get yours

Before the udi 818a hd+ RC quadcopter drone with HD camera came along, Many people were spending their time building other types of radio controlled aircraft. I still do. I have a hobby room where I can lay out the plans and build large fixed wing aircraft.

Building RC planes and copters has always been an extremely fun and enjoyable hobby. However, One very big advantage to owning the

udi 818a hd+ rc quadcopter drone with hd camera

quadcopter drone with camera
Great Fun for All Ages

The fact that you don’t have to find a runway to take off from and land on is a serious advantage. You can fly this quadcopter in your house.

RC Drones are very rapidly becoming extremely popular. The advances in technology have made radio controlled aircraft much easier to own and fly. The prices are becoming much more affordable and the quality of quadcopter drones with HD cameras has really improved Compared to what it use to be just a few years ago.

udi 818a hd+ rc quadcopter drone with hd camera Reviews

This review was taken from the Amazon product reviews page.

On Sept.30th, 2015 Stephen G . Had this to say about the

udi 818a hd+ RC quadcopter drone with HD camera

Great Value! Easy Learning Curve!

For under $100, this thing is great. This is my first quad copter and this one is easy to control, takes decent video and still pics. I’ve included a pic from about 200ft up. Pretty durable too. I’ve crashed landed this into trees, onto concrete and bounced it off walls, It’s a very forgiving design. I didn’t give it 5 stars for a couple reasons. The first is that if there is anything more than a gentle breeze, the wind catches it pretty easily. The second reason is that the power bank that came with it is pretty weak. It only charged the two batteries one time. I tried charging my cell phone with it and it only gave my phone a 10% charge. But, that part was free. Do yourself a favor and order a couple extra batteries. Flight time is only about 5-7 Minutes before it starts beeping at you as a warning of a low battery.

Overall, great value and good fun for a beginner!

Cool Gadgets, Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, Floating Wireless Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


Levitating Bluetooth SpeakerLevitating Bluetooth Speaker is an Awesome gadget at a very fair price. A unique conversation piece with both great Form and Function.

Produces excellent sound and because it never touches the ground, It won’t lose any sound through friction or vibration. That fact results in a cleaner  , crisper sound. A Levitating Bluetooth Speaker makes an excellent gift. The price is very reasonable and the quality really stands out. Connectivity is another great feature. Connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth so you can play music and not miss an incoming call.

People will be wanting to touch it and listen to it as soon as they enter the room. A very versatile piece of equipment, It can be used as a stand-alone speaker and be carried in your pocket to be used without the base.

People are leaving really great reviews of this Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. They are finding that when it is fully charged, You can listen to music for a full 8 hours. Some are also asking if the speaker comes with a built-in microphone for the purpose of making hands free phone calls.

What people have to say about the Floating Wireless Speaker 

Chris, had this to say on Nov. 28th. “Amazing! ”

“Let the coolness set in with this levitating bluetooth speaker. It has a very strong magnet that helps keep the black ball levitating and I must admit it did take quite a few tries and a bit of patients to get the ball to levitate. You need to gently place it down at just the right spot. Once you do that you get to enjoy the wonderful experience. There is only one button on the black ball and it’s a touch button you gently touch it to turn the speaker on which will auto sync to your device after the first time you sync it. To sync it you hold your finger over the touch button until you hear the voice speak. Something I was very amazed at is the ball not only floats it actually spins! The base also has a nice blue LED glow on it. To charge the ball you just place it on the docking station and it will charge. I do like that instead of having separate plugs for the base and charging dock they both use the same one and since you have no need to use both at the same time you simply unplug the one then plug in the other. The most important part is the sound quality and it is wonderful! You can hear a nice crisp sound from all parts of the room. The Bluetooth doesn’t have any disruption. Overall I am very impressed with all aspects of this levitating Bluetooth speaker. I would highly recommend it to others. I received this for free in exchange for my review, good or bad. I was not paid or sponsored for my opinions all thoughts reflected in this review are my own.” This was taken directly from the Amazon review page. Just scroll to the bottom where the reviews are.

Best Bluetooth Headset Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headset for the gym, running, or the morning commute.


Best Bluetooth Headset
Click the image above to check it out at Amazon

 Take communicating with friends and Co-workers to the next level with the Best Bluetooth Headset.

Phone conversations are remarkably clear and interference free.

Earbuds are light weight and perfect for exercising at the gym or running down trails and bike paths.

The Best Bluetooth Headset is compatible with a really wide variety of devices, including the Iphone, Ipad, Tablets, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG , Motorola and almost all Other smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and Bluetooth adapters.

Why people are calling these The Best Bluetooth Headset

Jesus Moreta, had this to say on Oct. 5th , 2016

“I genuinely like these earbuds, I actually purchased around 7 below $50 bucks Bluetooth earbuds to compare them with $70 to $100 earbuds and as far as I can say, you don’t really need to pay more than 20 bucks to get a great experience with Bluetooth earbuds, these are surprisingly good, sound is clear, base is well balanced and the most important feature of all, these won’t fall off your ears wich is mostly the first thing I look for when I buy these kind of earbuds, these are not the greatest I’ve tried among the price range I just mentioned, but these are worth the shot, sound is really enjoyable plus when you are jogging you don’t really pay much attention to all the details of sound quality, at least I don’t, mostly the one thing I like to hear while doing any kind of excercise is a well balanced base, I hate when it’s all over the place and don’t let you enjoy the song, but something I hate even more is no base at all, as for these, it gave me a good experience, one thing I forgot to mention which is really important is that pairing these with the phone is not hard, It automatically switched into pairing mode as soon as I turned these on, pretty good for the price.” This came straight from the top review page at amazon, you can read all of them here. Just scroll to the reviews at the bottom of the page.

Harry Miller had this to say on 10/25/2016

“These headphones are AWESOME!!!”

These headphones are AWESOME!!! We own a couple of name brand headphones and I can honestly say that these are as good. When I opened the shipping box, I found a black box containing my new Canbor Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Earbuds Lightweight Neckband Sport IPX5 Sweat proof Headset with Mic. The headphones were nicely packed with replaceable earbuds, charging cable, and a manual. Like other wireless headphones we own, I charged this one for an hour. Then I paired it with my my Samsung 7s edge. It paired with my phone in less than a minute, and I was listening to my favorite music using the Pandora app at no time. It produced high fidelity sound that was crisp and clear (Love it). When I tried it on, I didn’t have any issue fitting the headphones and earbuds on my ear, they were ergonomically designed to be flexible yet firm ear hooks with gel flex silicone earbuds to ensure they stay comfortably firm in place. I already used them during my weekly runs and I didn’t even notice they were on my ear because they were very light. They never came off my ear and the sound was perfect.