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Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

PAWBO WI-FI PET CAMERAPawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, an Interactive pet cam with built in treat dispenser and Lazer Toy. Now you can keep a watchful and playful eye on your best friend while you are out and about.

Interactive Pet Cameras   

Interactive pet cams are capable of two-way communication and make it easy to connect with your pets or your family from anywhere while you are away.

Simple and Stylish

The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera has a sleek and simple stylish appearance. The pet cam provides excellent quality photos and video that can be added directly to Dropbox or your camera roll.

Alternatively, You can also use the interactive laser toy to engage your pet and also reward him or her with a treat with just a tap of a button.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera features

A superb pet cam that allows you to post pictures directly to your social accts. like Facebook and Twitter.

However, the treat dispenser is a little smaller than most people would like, it still rewards your pet with the touch of a button. You have to use smaller treats with the Pawbo wi-fi pet cam, but this can be a blessing in disguise that helps keep your pet interested and a little healthier at the same time.

What People are saying about the pet cam

I looked at almost all of the reviews that people left for this product. There are over 120 reviews and almost all of them are positive. There are always a few people that just can’t be made happy and that are always looking to find fault.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera reviews

As I said earlier, over 120 different people felt compelled to leave feed back. You can read all of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Cam reviews here

Over 60 people asked different questions and received an answer from people who had purchased this pet cam.