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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


Levitating Bluetooth SpeakerLevitating Bluetooth Speaker is an Awesome gadget at a very fair price. A unique conversation piece with both great Form and Function.

Produces excellent sound and because it never touches the ground, It won’t lose any sound through friction or vibration. That fact results in a cleaner  , crisper sound. A Levitating Bluetooth Speaker makes an excellent gift. The price is very reasonable and the quality really stands out. Connectivity is another great feature. Connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth so you can play music and not miss an incoming call.

People will be wanting to touch it and listen to it as soon as they enter the room. A very versatile piece of equipment, It can be used as a stand-alone speaker and be carried in your pocket to be used without the base.

People are leaving really great reviews of this Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. They are finding that when it is fully charged, You can listen to music for a full 8 hours. Some are also asking if the speaker comes with a built-in microphone for the purpose of making hands free phone calls.

What people have to say about the Floating Wireless Speaker 

Chris, had this to say on Nov. 28th. “Amazing! ”

“Let the coolness set in with this levitating bluetooth speaker. It has a very strong magnet that helps keep the black ball levitating and I must admit it did take quite a few tries and a bit of patients to get the ball to levitate. You need to gently place it down at just the right spot. Once you do that you get to enjoy the wonderful experience. There is only one button on the black ball and it’s a touch button you gently touch it to turn the speaker on which will auto sync to your device after the first time you sync it. To sync it you hold your finger over the touch button until you hear the voice speak. Something I was very amazed at is the ball not only floats it actually spins! The base also has a nice blue LED glow on it. To charge the ball you just place it on the docking station and it will charge. I do like that instead of having separate plugs for the base and charging dock they both use the same one and since you have no need to use both at the same time you simply unplug the one then plug in the other. The most important part is the sound quality and it is wonderful! You can hear a nice crisp sound from all parts of the room. The Bluetooth doesn’t have any disruption. Overall I am very impressed with all aspects of this levitating Bluetooth speaker. I would highly recommend it to others. I received this for free in exchange for my review, good or bad. I was not paid or sponsored for my opinions all thoughts reflected in this review are my own.” This was taken directly from the Amazon review page. Just scroll to the bottom where the reviews are.