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Best Drones for kids

Best Drones for Kids
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Drones for Kids are not always just for kids anymore. Thousands of adults still have a fun loving adolescent kid hiding deep inside of them. With the new Hi-Tech. Gadgets that we have at our fingertips these days, It’s no wonder that kid gets out occasionally. At present, the Best Drones all come with a High Definition Camera mounted to them so the pilot can actually see where the aircraft is going just like he was sitting in the cockpit at the controls. This particular Gadget comes R T F, which means Ready To Fly straight out of the box. Simply charge the battery for a short while and You are ready to start flying. Performing 360 degree flips left, right, backwards and forward will become like second nature after just a few flights.

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A second battery pack will double your flying time. Typically, the flying time per charge is approximately 6 to 10 minutes. The second battery pack can be installed in a snap, so you can get back in the air quickly.

Best Drones for Kids Reviews

Several helpful and positive reviews are available here, just scroll to the bottom of the page. The following is just one of them. This was taken directly from the top reviews of the above quad-copter.

Four Stars and A TON of fun and easy to fly
By Jill Fuhrman on May 16, 2016

This is my first drone and wow what a fun new high-tech toy. We have been playing and honing our skills with it since the day it arrived. It’s much easier to fly than we had anticipated It’s fast, responsive and nothing but pure fun to play with. The video quality is excellent.

That’s one thing I wondered about looking at how small the camera was when I first took it out of the box but I was impressed. I honestly can’t say anything negative about my experience with it so far. It’s lightweight, sturdy and suggested for ages 14 and up. I’m pushing 50 and had a ton of fun with it.

After reading through the user manual, charging the batteries, downloading the phone app, setting up the drone and phone controls we took it outside for a test run. There is detailed instructions in the user manual for beginners to use Headless Mode and One Button Return until you get used to flying.

I would suggest having a good sized area with some lawn for soft landings until you figure out the controls and have honed your flying skills. There were a few not so soft landings before we got it dialed in with no damage to the quadcopter. That tells me it’s a sturdy drone and can take some punishment. The anti-crash protection prevents damage to any of the components. One battery will give about 10 minutes of flying time give or take a couple minutes. There is an extra battery so be sure to keep it charged so you can just switch them out. It will take just under an hour to fully charge one battery. There is a low battery alarm that will alert you when the battery is low and needs to be charged.

The quadcopter can be operated with just the remote or with the remote and your phone. It has LED lights that look really neat flying at night. Each time the quadcopter is used it has to be paired to the remote. That is done by switching on the drone, then the remote, pushing the left toggle control all the way up, then all the way down, at which time you will hear a series of beeps letting you know it has paired to the remote and you’re ready to fly.


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