flashforge 3d printer creator pro. 3D Printer for home or office

flashforge 3d printer creator pro
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The Flashforge 3d printer creator pro.  A multifunctional 3d desktop printer for your home or office, with a sturdy metal frame. The metal frame is far more stable than the original wood frames that used to be used.

A full manufacturer warranty and lifetime support from qualified technicians. Works great right out of the box and has outstanding customer support.

Flashforge 3d printer creator pro

Easy to use and a cost effective way to bring your ideas from the thought process to reality.

With over 690 positive customer reviews, the Flashforge 3d printer creator pro. has become a very popular Hi-Tech Gadget.

This is just one of several customer reviews.

Daniel R. had this to say on Dec. 11th 2016

Great Printer

I’ve had this printer for one week now and I really like it. I’ve used it every day to print several models and have had no problems whatsoever. The print quality is great. Sometimes the first print doesn’t stick so well but subsequent prints seem to stick much better.
The printer shipped with an old version of ReplicatorG on the SD card. It would run through the motions but would not extrude material. I emailed their support and we were able to identify the issue the next day (on a Sunday). I downloaded the latest version from thingiverse.com and was up and running.

I was not very satisfied with the ReplicatorG software because I had no control over the support structure. I could turn it on or off but couldn’t control placement. I also couldn’t figure out how to use it to print parts using both extruders. I spent an extra $150 to purchase Simplify3D and it has made printing so much easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend this software and this printer.

This review was taken directly from a verified purchaser of the Flash Forge 3d printer. You can read all of the reviews by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page where all of the reviews are. I sincerely hope this page was helpful.



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