Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder Makes a Great, Practical Gift

Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

Eyeglass Spectacle Holder
I will make a great Gift or decoration for anybody’s Desk

This Hand-Carved Nose Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder will make a perfect and practical gift for fathers or anyone in the office.

The eyeglass holder is actually a practical gift. People who need their glasses to read or view documents on a computer screen will be happy to know that their glasses are exactly where they left them.

Hand crafted by artisans  from India that  have used carving techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Carved from authentic durable Indian Rosewood, this nose shaped eyeglass holder will last an extremely long time and will also remind the owner of where the gift came from every time they use it to hold their glasses. Item pictured above is only one of several different sizes and types of this kind of Eyeglass Spectacle Holder. Many have high numbers of five-star reviews and comments about them. all of which, you can read and get the answers to any questions you may have

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